So I have to ask because I'm dying of laughter right now from just noticing. Did you intentionally leave Wanda's boobs on Arthur from the "Two halves of a whole idiot" Fairly Odd Parents/Merlin edit?

omfg no i didn’t but i think it makes it that much funnier.



christoph waltz still lookin like the best lowkey sugardaddy of all time 

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you know your restaurant is too expensive when your waiters and waitresses introduce themselves by wondering if you’re “celebrating anything special tonight or just out for a nice dinner.”

i’m looking at you, red lobster.

convinced the bf to rub my feet and watch mama mia with me.

my 77 year old grandmother created a facebook today and so far the first and only thing she likes is alec baldwin………

omg there is seriously nothing funnier than listening to people bash obamacare (or as i’ve just recently heard it called “obuckwheatcare” because racism). seriously, please keep reminding me of every reason you’re a selfish, backward piece of shit. i especially love how you think “jumping off a cliff is still better than obamacare,” particularly because i’m hoping that you will and i’ll never have to listen to another stupid word from your stupid mouth.

Favorite Jesse Pinkman quotes from season 1.

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